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Seahawks 41, Saints 36: Fans React To Stunning Upset In NFL Playoffs

How do fans of the reigning Super Bowl champions feel about getting knocked out of the playoffs by a team that still doesn’t have a winning record? You can probably guess. Our Saints blog, Canal Street Chronicles, calls it "possibly the biggest upset in NFL history," and knows who’s responsible.

We can blame the defense for this one. They gave up nearly 150 yards rushing to the second worst rushing defense in the league. And you can’t expect to win a football game when you give up 41 points. Roman Harper, I’m looking at you.

Field Gulls, which follows the Seahawks, is unsurprisingly a bit more pleased with the outcome. It spreads the credit around a bit more, and warns off any fans who would try to take away from the win by pointing to the disappointing Saints effort on defense.

Defenses tend to look awful whilst allowing 41 points. No matter how awful, no matter if the Saints defense was 1976 Seahawks awful, there is no cheap path to 41 points and 415 yards of offense.

Keep an eye on Field Gulls as the Seahawks move through the playoffs, and Canal Street Chronicles for a fuller wrap on the end of the Saints’ season.