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NFL Playoffs: Packers Get Game's First Touchdown By Exploiting Eagles In Red Zone

The Packers took a little while to get untracked early against the Eagles. But they've been able to get it going, and with the Eagles failing to do much on offense, that means the Packers will lead heading into the second quarter.

Aaron Rodgers capped a 10-play, 68-yard drive with a seven-yard touchdown pass to tight end Tom Crabtree, and the Packers lead 7-0 heading into the second quarter.

Rodgers has been typically good in the early going, completing six of his nine passes for 52 yards and a touchdown. But the Packers' pleasant surprise has been James Starks, a running back who began the year buried on Green Bay's depth chart. He has 36 yards rushing on just four carries.

The electric Michael Vick has been bottled up so far. He's yet to complete a pass of more than 20 yards, and has run just twice for 11 yards.

The Packers seem content to let the Eagles chew off bits and pieces of yardage underneath while preventing big plays. With DeSean Jackson out with an injury, that strategy might well work.