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PHOTO: DeSean Jackson Injury Can't Keep Him Off Eagles Sideline

When you hear that DeSean Jackson has left the field for the Eagles with a possible leg or ankle injury, you probably envision a cramp or a turned ankle. Instead, Jackson got rolled up underneath a teammate, producing a fairly grisly shot.


That's not what you want to see your playmaking wide receiver go down with, and it briefly looked like Jackson, who left the game and then the field, heading to the locker room for further examination or treatment, might be done for the day. (And, consequently, that the Eagles might be done for the playoffs.)

But Jackson just jogged back onto the field, and is currently trying to get loose on the sideline. We still don't know exactly what Jackson's injury is, but he's back on the Eagles sideline, and the expectation is that if he's back on the field, he's probably going to get back into the game as well.