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Tim Tebow Quarterback Controversy Continues For Denver Broncos

Tim Tebow almost completed a comeback victory over the San Diego Chargers on Sunday afternoon, but his Hail Mary pass ultimately landed as an incompletion. However, the loss is irrelevant. The question for the Broncos is who will be the starting quarterback going forward.

This is a story that will carry on for two weeks since the Broncos are on a bye. Interestingly, the Broncos will face the Miami Dolphins on the road on Oct. 23. The two teams almost completed an Orton trade once the lockout ended, but draft pick compensation and a restructured contract ended any chance of that.

Will John Fox come out early this week and declare either Tim Tebow or Kyle Orton his starter against Miami? With Fox being adamant earlier in the season that he didn't know the circumstances that would precipitate a changing of the guard at quarterback, he likely wouldn't have made this move if he wasn't doing it for the long-term.

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