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VIDEO: Tennessee Titans' Onside Kick Leaves Referees Completely Confused

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A surprise onside kick can be a game-changer when executed correctly, and the Tennessee Titans were able to pull off the feat on Sunday. But it wasn't just the Pittsburgh Steelers who were surprised by the kick. Instead, the ensuing scramble for the loose ball left the referees without a clue, adding up to a ball of hilarity for those trying to keep track of the action at home.

After the jump, watch as the referees just give up.

H/T Shutdown Corner.

Note that the two referees inspecting the pile each come flying in ... and then signal different directions. After one appears to tap the other on the shoulder -- hopefully ridding the crew of the confusion -- the fun continues. This time, the same two officials reverse their original decisions ... and signal opposite directions again.

All the while, a third officials enters from the left side of the frame waving his arms in the air like he just didn't care. This is refereeing at its finest, friends.

Tennessee was eventually awarded the ball, but sometimes it's about the trip, not the destination.