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Terrell Owens Hospitalized Last Week, According To Report

Free agent WR Terrell Owens took a trip to the hospital last week for reasons unknown, according to a report.

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Free agent receiver Terrell Owens is recovering from an ACL injury and is currently without a team for the 2011 NFL season so maybe that's why we're just hearing the news that Owens was rushed to the hospital last week.

TMZ reports an ambulance was called to an apartment last week where Owens was staying.

An ambulance was sent to the apartment at 11:02 PM Thursday night -- and police arrived soon after. Officials are not disclosing the nature of the emergency -- or explaining why cops were called to the scene.     

TMZ reports Owens was already en route to the hospital via ambulance when the cops came so they caught up with him at the hospital. He has since been released from the hospital, according to the report.

No word on what happened, why the cops were called or exactly what's wrong with Owens. TMZ reports his representatives have not yet responded to a request for comment.

Owens tore his ACL last April and has been rehabbing his knee in an attempt to return to the NFL this year.