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Don't Call Brandon Marshall A Beast. He's A Monster.

Miami Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall has been quiet this season. A little too quiet if you ask me.

The good news is, the Dolphins play the New York Jets on Monday night and there's just something about the Jets that gets other team talking. In Marshall's case, he'd like to revise his nickname if that's okay with you:

"I don’t know what you guys think, if you’ll still call me The Beast or if you think I’m washed up...I consider myself a monster now. If you see a beast, you should run because the beast is really scary. I don’t want to be that anymore. You think of ‘monster,’ you know it’s like a little nightmare. You should be scared, you should run, but at the end of the day he’s not going to hurt you. I consider myself a monster now, and I’m going to play that way on Monday night."

So if I'm following Marshall's Theorem correctly, A Beast > A Monster. Not sure I completely follow his logic, but, that's the beauty of Brandon Marshall.

Oh, did I mention Marshall also plans on getting kicked of the game by the second quarter? And he expects to be fined for his future actions?

"They’re going to fine me. It’s probably going to be like a $50,000 fine. But that quarter and a half that I’m out there, I’m going to play like a monster. I might get in a fight with Bart Scott."

Bart can't wait, I'm sure.