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VIDEO: Jim Harbaugh Dances, Jim Schwartz Rages

I know he's only been an NFL coach for about a quarter of a season, but Jim Harbaugh should be your favorite NFL coach. Last week, Harbaugh never took his foot off the gas pedal as his San Francisco 49ers throttled the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It was reminiscent of his time at Stanford, and a certain "what's your deal?" moment with Pete Carroll.

But this week Harbaugh outdid himself. After a wild win over the Detroit Lions, Harbaugh got down with his bad self, dancing and jumping all around as he made his way to the customary postgame handshake. He pulled his shirt up, jumped into a player and then enthusiastically slapped hands with Lions' head coach Jim Schwartz.

And then we had a Jim-off. Videos after the jump

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And here's the skirmish, which is pretty much a staple of the Harbaugh postgame at this point. It's like his signature move, and it is oh so amazing.

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