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Andre Johnson Says Injury Will Last 'Six Weeks At Most'

Andre Johnson, still recovering from a hamstring injury he suffered in Week 4 against the PIttsburgh Steelers, will not play this weekend at Tennessee, but he's optimistic about his recovery time:

"I'm headed in the right direction," Johnson said. "I just want it to heal faster. Right now it's still week; it's not as strong as it used to be. [The doctors] say it could take up to six weeks at the most, but I don't think it will take me that long."

A six-week time-table would put Johnson on schedule to return after the Texans' bye week for their November 27 game against the Jacksonville Jaguars

Houston fans will have to hope that Johnson's more optimistic prognosis is correct, as the Texans have really struggled since losing their All-Pro WR, with QB Matt Schaub throwing for only 220 passing yards in their 29-14 loss to the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday.

However, if Johnson rushes his rehabilitation too fast, he might come back too soon and re-injure his hamstring, keeping him from being 100% the rest of the season.