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'NFL Blitz' To Return After Nine-Year Absence

If you're a football fan who played video games in the 1990s, you're almost certainly familiar with NFL Blitz, the NFL's answer to NBA Jam. Production of the NFL Blitz games ended in 2003, the same year the league leaned on ESPN to cancel the show Playmakers and generally started frowning on anything fun ever happening.

Now, for some reason, NFL Blitz is allowed to exist again. EA Sports, which of course produces the Madden series, is producing a fully-licensed game, complete with the iconic late hits and 30-yard first downs. A release date hasn't been officially announced, but Joystiq speculates a release date of early 2012.

The Madden games are to NFL Blitz what apple pie is to crudely opening a can of pie filling with a hammer and chisel and swallowing it like it's Gatorade. This is going to be gross and awesome. Some video from the upcoming game is after the jump.