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VIDEO: Jared Cook Scores 80-Yard Touchdown

Jared Cook is not exactly a speedburner. Just watch the Tennessee Titans tight end's 80-yard touchdown develop and tell me it doesn't seem like everyone involved is running in sand. 

In case you're wondering if your eyes are playing tricks on you, I went ahead and checked the clock from the point Cook catches the ball to the point he scores. It takes him about eight seconds to work his way all of 65 yards. That's the equivalent of running a 4.9-second 40. In other words, the kind of speed you'd expect out of a defensive lineman. And yes, it's basically a straight line he's running.

Amazingly, Cook is actually pulling away from linebacker Scott Fujita on this play. Have to imagine he'll be getting some guff from his teammates when they go back and watch the film.

Also of note, Matt Hasselbeck is having himself another nice game. He now has two touchdowns and 120 yards on nine attempts.

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