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VIDEO: Victor Cruz Appears To Fumble; Did The Refs Miss The Call?

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The New York Giants came back to beat the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday evening, thanks to a late Eli Manning touchdown pass to Hakeem Nicks. But it was what happened before the touchdown pass that ignited controversy, and perhaps changed the outcome of the game. As Victor Cruz made a catch over the middle, he stumbled to the ground, then dropped the ball before he was touched down. Arizona recovered, only to have the officials rule Cruz down, allowing the Giants to keep possession.

Watch the video after the jump and judge for yourself. Was this a fumble and did the refs blow the call?

Notice how he was never touched until the ball comes out. The question, however, is whether Cruz gave himself up, much like a quarterback would when sliding. He appeared to stumble and go down, which would mean he was never down by contact. And if that were the case, the Cardinals should've been awarded the ball, and Manning's touchdown pass to Nicks should have never happened.

So, was it a blown call and did it cost Arizona?