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Jerome Harrison Has Brain Tumor, According To Report

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The Lions traded Jerome Harrison shortly before the trade deadline but the trade was voided because Harrison failed a physical. Per an ESPN report, Harrison failed the physical because doctors found a brain tumor.

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Shortly before the 2011 NFL trade deadline on Tuesday, the Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions made a trade that sent Ronnie Brown to the Lions in exchange for Jerome Harrison and a seventh round pick. A day later and news broke that the trade was voided because Harrison failed his physical.

ESPN's Adam Schefter explains why he failed: Philly doctors discovered Harrison had a brain tumor. Schefter reports that Harrison is not expected to play again in 2011 and the tumor is being treated. His long-term outlook on both life and his football career appear to be good, thankfully.

Schefter notes that the voided trade might have ultimately saved Harrison's life.

Without trade, Jerome Harrison doesn't get physical. Without physical, doctors don't find brain tumor. Trade might have saved his life.

Our best wishes are with Harrison as he begins the recovery process.

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