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Olin Kreutz Leaving The New Orleans Saints Team

Veteran center Olin Kreutz is leaving the Saints because he no longer feels the passion for the game, according to his agent.

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Longtime NFL center Olin Kreutz left the Chicago Bears this offseason and joined the New Orleans Saints offensive line but his agent tells the Times-Picayune that he is leaving the team.

Via Mike Triplett:

Saints center Olin Kreutz is leaving team because he no longer feels passion and doesn't want to just collect paycheck, according to agent.

It's unclear if he's retiring but that's what it sounds like considering he contemplated retirement in the offseason. Kreutz has been suffering from a knee injury suffered in Week 3 so you wonder if part of this moves stems from the frustration of being injured. 

Kreutz was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the third round of the 1998 NFL draft and became a cornerstone of the Bears offensive line over the following 13 years. He went to six Pro Bowls and was known as one of the best centers in the league during his career. 

He left the Bears in the offseason and signed with the Saints to a one-year deal.

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