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Carson Palmer Trade: Jason Campbell Was The Last To Know

Oakland Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell broke his collarbone in last Sunday's game. On Monday, he was having surgery on said collarbone. During his recovery laying in bed on Tuesday, Campbell saw a rather peculiar and confusing press conference. He was watching the Carson Palmer Oakland Raiders introduction press conference. "On Sunday night I had some pain pills for my shoulder, so I was pretty much sleeping all night Sunday," Campbell told 95.7 FM The Game in Oakland. "And then Monday I had my surgery, so I was pretty much out of it then."

Campbell found out about the trade for Palmer while sitting in bed watching television with his fiancée. "It was kind of a moment of silence. My fiancée looked at me to see if I was gonna say something. There's different things that go through your mind but you don't want to fill your mind with those thoughts," Campbell told the radio station.

Campbell's career in the NFL has kind of just gone like that. He's been through coaching change after coaching change while he was the quarterback for the Washington Redskins. Campbell has played under at least five different offensive coordinators in his 7 year career, meaning he's never played in the same offense for more than two seasons. Even in his college years at Auburn, Campbell had four different offensive coordinators in each season he was a Tiger.

That's how the NFL works, though. Players sometimes find out about trades sitting at home.

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