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JaMarcus Russell Wants To Get Back Into The NFL

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The reclusive JaMarcus Russell has stepped into the light and talked with Sports Illustrated, the first time he's talked publicly in...a really long time. The story gets his side of a few perceptions out there, namely that he's lazy, wasted away his talent and that he's broke.

His massive torso covered by a leopard-print cutting cape, Russell settles into the first chair at Maysville. Gray-haired proprietor Moses Packer, known to all as Black Sheep, is ready to work. Russell orders the blinds pulled. He tells the gallery they're welcome to stay, and they all do. But no one else can enter. The vertical bars on the door are fastened, the closed sign unfurled. "I'm warning y'all," says Russell, smiling, "there's gonna be some cursing." The gallery whoops. And with that, in a rumbling drawl, JaMarcus Russell begins his defense of the outstanding charges.

The whole story goes from there to give Russell's account on everything from the purple drank controversy to falling asleep in meetings to the idea that he's gone broke.

It's definitely worth a read but the newsy part of it is that he still wants to play again one day. He says he's going to be working out at LSU, installing a turf field on his property and hopes to be invited to an NFL camp this summer.


To say the least.