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Chris Cook Suspended By Vikings Indefinitely Following Felony Domestic Assault Charges

Chris Cook, in jail since Saturday after allegedly strangling his girlfriend, was formally charged with felony domestic assault on Tuesday. He was then released on $40,000 bail, but he won't be returning to action for the Minnesota Vikings anytime soon. Late Tuesday evening, the team announced an indefinite suspension for the cornerback, releasing the following statement

Today's allegations against Chris Cook are very disturbing and disappointing. At this time, he is suspended without pay from the team while we continue to gather information regarding the situation. We will have no further comment until the appropriate time.

Cook allegedly became upset when he discovered his girlfriend had spoken to an ex-boyfriend. From the AP:

The woman told police Cook threw her on the bed, got on top of her, and grabbed her neck with an open hand, constricting her ability to breathe.

The complaint said the woman freed herself by grabbing Cook's hair, which he wears in shoulder-length dreadlocks. Cook then struck her in the ear, sending her crashing into a wall. As the woman ran to the living room, he grabbed her neck again and squeezed it.

This is Cook's second brush with the law this year. He was arrested in March after allegedly brandishing a gun during an argument with a neighbor in Virginia. Cook, who has a concealed weapons permit, denied the charges, which were eventually dropped. That case came down to one man's word against another. This case features a bloodied and bruised woman who's cooperating with the investigation.

After being released, Cook took to Twitter, tweeting "There's always two sides to a story!!" and "My apologies to the fans! Vikings ownership, coaching staff, my teammates and friends and family!!"

If Cook is convicted of felony domestic assault by strangulation, the AP reports he could face up to three years in prison, with state guidelines calling for one year and one day.