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Ryan Fitzpatrick's Contract With Buffalo Bills Seems Like A Win-Win

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Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Buffalo Bills agreed to a six-year contract extension reportedly worth up to $59 million. The first question people usually ask after a player gets a big deal is whether the team over paid. In this case, I don't think they did, and neither does SB Nation's Bills blog,Buffalo Rumblings.

Ryan Fitzpatrick earned his contract extension - just take a look at his numbers (60.5 percent completions, 4,477 yards, 35 TD, 21 INT in 19 games) with Chan Gailey, and he's 8-5 in his last 13 starts - and the Buffalo Bills paid slightly less than what the Kansas City Chiefs gave Matt Cassel over two years ago. That contract had always been the benchmark, and the fact that the Bills are paying less for a much more productive player correlates to the generally upbeat mood in Western New York this afternoon.

Compare it to some other players, and it looks like a good deal. Cassel received a six-year, $63 million deal while Kevin Kolb got $65 million over six years. As we pointed out, Fitzpatrick is only the third highest paid quarterback in his own division. 

The numbers seem big but that's the going rate for a starting quarterback in the top half of the league.