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Tim Tebow Jerseys Not As Popular As They Used To Be

Tim Tebow billboards may be selling at a good clip, but his jersey sales are in negative yardages, just like Tebow himself this season. During the offseason Tebow jerseys were among the top ten in sales. Now, he's number 24 on the list

Where did your favorite player fall on the list of the most popular jerseys, and how many Dallas Cowboys made the list in spite of more mercurial play? 

Plenty of other quarterbacks are on the list. Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers topped the list. Tom Brady and Michael Vick held down the second and third on the list. A pair of defensive players from the AFC and NFC champs rounded out the top five, Troy Polamalu and Clay Matthews

Five Dallas Cowboys made the top 25 list. Tony Romo was seventh, followed by Miles Austin. Jason Witten rounded out the top ten. DeMarcus Ware made the list along with Dez Bryant, whose jerseys can help cover saggy pants to placate stuffy mall security guards. 

Also taking a tumble was Peyton Manning, who dropped out of the top ten. The 4-0 Lions have one player on the list, defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh