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Maurice Jones-Drew, Sidney Rice, And The 'Shiva Bowl Shuffle' On FX


If you've never seen The League on FX, then you're missing out on the greatest fantasy football-themed sitcom in the history of television. It's also the only fantasy football-themed sitcom in the history of television... But still, it's pretty funny and worth DVRing. 

Thursday night, though, they sorta outdid themselves.

Check out the "Shiva Bowl Shuffle", starring Rodney Ruxin's fantasy teams stars: Maurice Jones-Drew, Sidney Rice, and Brent Grimes, there representing the Falcons defense.

The "Shiva Bowl", in case you're wondering, is The League's championship game, named after an ex-girlfriend of one of the players, who broke up with him because of fantasy football.

[Maurice Jones-Drew]
I'm MJD, Ruxin's first pick in the draft,
he went with me, and we kicked allllll your ass,

[Brent Grimes]
Brent Grimes here, with the Falcons D,
keepin Ruxin winnin, with my 5 INTs.

[Sidney Rice]
I'm Sidney Rice, I'm hip to the I-R,
but we're rushin the Shiva with my late-season charge

[In unison]
We're Ruxin's team, winnin every scuffle,
and now we're here, to do the Shiva Bowl Shuffle,
Ruxin's better than you, Pete, hate to burst your bubble,
and that's why we're doin', the Shiva Bowl Shuffle!

Can't tell whether it's a high point or a low point in our collective fantasy football obsession, but: Yep, this really exists. And you gotta admit, it's pretty fantastic that they convinced Sidney Rice to say, "I'm Sidney Rice, and I'm hip to the I-R." TV is the best sometimes.