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ESPN's Monday Night Football Intro Will Include Barry Sanders In Week 5

ESPN found a replacement for the Monday Night Football opening after their recent breakup with Hank Williams Jr. Former players will highlight the introduction for the remaining Monday Nigh Football games this season, starting with none other than Barry Sanders himself.

Sanders will narrate a brief introductory segment following a game preview when the Detroit Lions host the Chicago Bears for this week’s Monday Night Football game. Sanders revealed his role yesterday via Twitter.

ESPN plans to use this format – a preview of the game followed by a former player from the featured teams narrating an introduction – for the remainder of the season. As for an introductory segment to replace Hank Williams Jr. in future seasons, an ESPN official acknowledged that they have yet to make a decision.

Even with a new intro in place, don’t expect Hank Williams Jr. to disappear so easily from the airwaves. The deadly combination of 24-hour cable news and a presidential primary will keep this debate going long after the rest of America has found something disagreeable about the new intro segment.