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VIDEO: Pierre Garcon Catches 67-Yard Touchdown From Curtis Painter

Hopefully, you took our NFL Fantasy sleeper advice and played Curtis Painter against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. The Indianpolis Colts quarterback just threw his second touchdown of the day, a 67-yard bomb to Pierre Garcon. It was also Garcon's second touchdown of the day.

Garcon and Painter have turned into quite the team, in fact, as they've hooked up for four touchdowns in the past two weeks. Today, Garcon has 119 yards receiving.

Painter, who has been loudly questioned as a NFL quality quarterback, is having an even bigger day. He is 9 of 14 for 186 yards. He now has 467 yards and four touchdowns in the past two weeks.

More importantly, the Colts are out to a 17-0 lead over the Chiefs as they are trying to get their first win of the season. Of course, some will wonder if beating the Chiefs is such a good thing, as the loser will have the inside track on the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.