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VIDEO: Dwayne Bowe 41-Yard Touchdown From Matt Cassel

Trailing by a score of 17-0, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel connected with Dwayne Bowe for a 41-yard touchdown pass early in the second quarter to cit the Colts’ lead.

Bowe’s touchdown capped off a six-play, 70-yard touchdown scoring drive for the Chiefs. This was Bowe’s third touchdown of the season, and his third consecutive game with a touchdown catch. He and quarterback Matt Cassel both started the season ice cold, but have heated up in recent weeks.He touchdown catch last week came on a 52-yard score and helped give Kansas City it’s first win of the season.

Cassel found another wide receiver, Steve Breaston, later in the second quarter to add another touchdown for Kansas City. Cassel hit Breaston with 16 seconds left on the clock to cut Kansas City’s deficit to ten points. The Indianapolis Colts lead by a score of 24-14 at halftime. A win would give the Colts’ their first of the year.