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VIDEO: Victor Cruz Tops Dwayne Bowe With Juggling Touchdown Catch

It's a day for ridiculous, juggling touchdown catches, apparently. While Dwayne Bowe's was superb, Victor Cruz may have topped him, going up above two defenders and keeping his wits about him in an insane tip-drill that resulted in a touchdown.

The throw by Eli Manning wasn't great at all -- it was into double coverage, and was more of a chuck it and pray throw -- but no matter: Cruz went up and got it, then outran the Seattle Seahawks defense for the touchdown.

And boy did the Giants need that. At the time, Seattle held a five-point lead, and seemed to be poised to take control of the game early in the fourth quarter. A juggling catch later and New York was back in the lead, with Cruz continuing his impressive streak of play.

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