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Aaron Hernandez Injury: Patriots Tight End Returns

The New England Patriots got a scare in the first quarter when second-year tight end Aaron Hernandez limped to the locker room with an undisclosed injury. He managed to return to the game against the Jets in the second quarter.

New England lost Hernandez after week two with a knee injury. He made his return to the field today. On a deep target from quarterback Tom Brady, Hernandez came up limping. He went to the locker room, but technically did not miss any time as the New York Jets made a long touchdown drive that kept the Patriots offense off the field.

Since his return, he caught three passes for 26 yards, helping the Patriots move the ball all the way down to the Jets’ 11-yard line. However, on second-and-ten, Jets’ cornerback Antonio Cromartie picked off a pass from Brady intended for Hernandez inside the end zone. It was a catch that Hernandez should have made.