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Ryan Matthews Injury: Chargers' Running Back Returns

The San Diego Chargers got a scare early in today’s game against the Denver Broncos. Running back Ryan Matthews left the game in the first quarter with a calf strain.

The San Diego training staff took Matthews to the locker room for further evaluation, and he eventually returned to the sidelines. At the time, his return was called questionable.

Matthews returned to the game when San Diego started a drive with a little more than five minutes left in the second quarter. He ripped off a big 17-yard run on his first play back in the game, right up the middle of the Denver defense who has struggled to contain Matthews today.

So far, Matthews has 11 carries with 78 yards and no touchdowns. San Diego has a 23-10 lead at the half. Philip Rivers has a rushing touchdown to with a passing touchdown to Michael Floyd.

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