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Tim Tebow Replaces Kyle Orton

Tim Tebow will replace Kyle Orton in the Denver Broncos’ home game against the San Diego Chargers. Orton struggled through the first half of the game, completing just six of 13 passes and throwing an interception. Orton will not be under center when the Broncos’ offense takes the field in the second half of the game.

Kyle Orton has been benched for the second half. Tim Tebow is taking snaps from J.D. Walton on sidelines. Chargers have the ball first.
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As the Broncos have struggled, fan outcry to start second-year quarterback Tim Tebow has been tremendous. One fan went so far as to take out a billboard suggesting that Tebow get the nod at starting quarterback.

Until now, Denver Broncos’ head coach John Fox has been reticent to the idea, insisting that Tebow was not ready to be the starter in Denver. Tebow has seens a handful of plays this season, mostly as a rusher in certain short yardage situations.

The Denver QB situation is sure to play out through the week, so stay tuned at Mile High Report for more. Follow all the action from week 5 in the NFL right here.