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Broncos Vs. Chargers: Tim Tebow Scores 12-Yard Rushing Touchdown

After taking over for Kyle Orton to start the second half of the game, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has added a touchdown. Tebow ran the ball on second-and-ten for a 12-yard rushing touchdown. A successful two-point conversion cut into San Diego’s lead to make the score 26-18.

Tebow has done little passing the ball. He has complete one of five passing attempts. Brandon Lloyd failed to get his feet in-bounds on what would have been a second completion for Tebow. Denver has just 34 yards of passing so far. 

As you might have expected, the Denver fans went wild when Tebow scored the fourth quarter touchdown, as if there was sort of a “we told you so” mixed in with those cheers.

Tebow’s touchdown sets up what could be an exciting conclusion to the game. With less than five minutes to play, San Diego needs to add at least a field goal in order to make it a two score game for the Broncos. Stay tuned.