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Josh Morgan Injury: Status Unclear After 49ers WR Injures Ankle

The San Francisco 49ers may have dodged a bullet, but we won't know for sure until Josh Morgan's ankle injury is examined further. Late in the fourth quarter of the Niners' blowout win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Morgan went down with what appeared to be a gruesome ankle injury. He did not return, and all indications pointed to his ankle injury being a serious one.

But after the game, head coach Jim Harbaugh sounded optimistic about Morgan and his prognosis.

Jim Harbaugh indicates Joshua Morgan's ankle injury might not be as serious as it appeared, but nothing definitive right now.

Morgan led all receivers with five catches for 75 yards in the Niners' 48-3 win over the Bucs. With Braylon Edwards out with an injury, San Francisco can ill-afford to lose another weapon in the passing game, though the Niners' run game has looked solid with Frank Gore leading the way.

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