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VIDEO: Tim Tebow's Hail Mary Attempt Featured A Pirouette

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Tim Tebow replaced Kyle Orton, perhaps for good, and nearly brought the Denver Broncos all the way back to beat the San Diego Chargers, falling just short as time expired. But what a way to go out. The Broncos nearly made up a 16-point deficit and had a shot to tie it as time expired, with only 30 yards and a Hail Mary separating them from a win.

And what a hilarious Hail Mary attempt it was. Video after the jump.

Not even sure how this would be described in text form. Tebow ran around, spun around a couple times and finally unloaded, with his attempt hitting the ground after what seemed like a minute-long play. On the radio call, the word "pirouette" made an appearance, and we all walked away from the game wondering what in the world just happened.

And tell me this isn't the look of a dog chasing its tail.


Tebow will probably start next week because it seems logical at this point. And while we don't know whether he'll be a solid option or not, hopefully it means more pirouettes and confused running.