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NFL Power Rankings Week 9: Packers, 49ers And Steelers Lead The League

SB Nation's power rankings have the undefeated Packers as the league's beat team, as usual, while the 6-1 49ers make a move into the top 3.

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SB Nation's NFL power rankings for Week 9 are out and we're seeing the same old Packers at the top, where they've been all season. The 49ers and Steelers round out the top three while the bottom two stays the same with the Colts and Dolphins, both winless teams.

Here's how the teams shake out in SB Nation's Week 9 power rankings:

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1. Green Bay Packers (7-0, LW: 1): It's looking like their toughest game of the year may come Thanksgiving in Detroit. I'm not sure who else has any chance of beating them.

2. San Francisco 49ers (6-1, LW: 4): This was a tough decision between San Fran and Pittsburgh but I had to give a nod to the 49ers. They're an OT loss to Dallas away from being undefeated.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2, LW: 5): Early in the season it looked like the Steelers might suffer from the Super Bowl hangover but they've rebounded, as usual.

4. New England Patriots (5-2, LW: 3): it's early so Bill Belichick can work on it but the Pats defense has been exposed. They're one of the elite teams but that defense brings them back to earth a little bit.

5. New Orleans Saints (5-3, LW: 2): Well, that was a weird two weeks -- put up 62 points on Indy and then return to lose to a winless team.

6. Baltimore Ravens (5-2, LW: 6): Last week it was the Jaguars and this week it was very close to being the Cards, except the Ravens came back, 30-27. Maybe they're not as good as I thought.

7. Detroit Lions (6-2, LW: 8): The Lions snap a two-game losing streak and they'll play the Bears and Panthers before the big Turkey day game against Green Bay.

8. Buffalo Bills (5-2, LW: 9): As everyone expected before the season, the Bills are tied with the Patriots for first place in the AFC East through eight weeks.

9. Cincinnati Bengals (5-2, LW: 12): And, again, as everyone expected before the season, the Bengals are 5-2 with one of the league's best defenses.

10. New York Giants (5-2, LW: 10): The NFC East is so weird this year. I barely believe in the Giants and they're in first place. Would you trust them to beat any other NFC East team this year?

11. Houston Texans (5-3, LW: 11): Games coming up against the Browns, Bucs and Jags? Win now to avoid a collapse later, Houston.

12. New York Jets (4-3, LW: 13): I'm still having trouble figuring this team out. Are they the dominant defensive team that will eventually make a run? Are they going to hover around .500 all season? Has their time passed? I really don't know.

13. Chicago Bears (4-3, LW: 14): This is the time to make a stand on the season. Games coming up in Philly and against the Lions and Chargers will tell you who this team is.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-3, LW: 15): The Saints lose two of three and the NFC South looks interesting again.

15. Kansas City Chiefs (4-3, LW: 21): That's four in a row for the Chiefs and home games coming up against the Dolphins and Broncos. Hmm...the AFC West is going down to the wire.

16. San Diego Chargers (4-3, LW: 7): It's only fitting to put all three AFC West teams tied for first place right in a row here. But while we're here -- Philip Rivers' fumble was terrible. Just terrible.

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17. Oakland Raiders (4-3, LW: 17): The Raiders are the last AFC West team grouped here but they're in a tie for first place with the rest of the gang.

18. Philadelphia Eagles (3-4, LW: 20): That's two in a row for Philly. Do it again and you're .500, moving your way back to respectability. The good thing for them is that the NFC East still seems out there for the taking.

19. Atlanta Falcons (4-3, LW: 18): Maybe I should have put them higher but they just don't inspire me. They're such an average team right now.

20. Tennessee Titans (4-3, LW: 22): The Chris Johnson thing is mystifying. A player so good, and still so young, just can't do anything. Be ready for lots of questions about getting paid and not playing well, CJ2K.

21. Dallas Cowboys (3-4, LW: 16): Yikes...that was a beat down at the hands of Philly.

22. Washington Redskins (3-4, LW: 19): Tale of two seasons: 3-1 start and now a three-game losing streak. Which Redskins season is really them?

23. Cleveland Browns (3-4, LW: 23): I thought this offense was supposed to be better? 21st in passing yards and 29th in rushing yards.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6, LW: 24): The bye week comes at a good time. Blaine Gabbert was thrown in the fire pretty quickly after the David Garrard business and he needs some time to calm down.

25. Minnesota Vikings (2-6, LW: 29): In the battle of rookie QBs, Cam Newton beat Christian Ponder in the stats but Ponder gets the W as the Vikes beat the Panthers.

26. Carolina Panthers (2-6, LW: 26): I want to put this team higher so bad because it's fun to watch them with Cam Newton back there. Unfortunately, they're not winning to justify a move-up.

27. St. Louis Rams (1-6, LW: 30): Rams beat Saints. Perfect example of how much we know about the NFL (which is very little).

28. Arizona Cardinals (1-6, LW: 27): Slowly, the Cardinals are making a case for the worst team in the NFL. 21st in offense, 29th in defense and losers of six straight. Ouch.

29. Denver Broncos (2-5, LW: 25): Last week Tim Tebow was horrible for 55 minutes and great for five minutes. This week, he was just flat-out horrible. The Broncos were crushed by the Lions and Detroit players publicly and anonymously mocked Tebow.

30. Seattle Seahawks (2-5, LW: 28): Talk about a team that needs a quarterback.

31. Indianapolis Colts (0-8, LW: 31): It's just not even surprising anymore. They're really, really bad.

32. Miami Dolphins (0-7, LW: 32): Of course they held a lead against the Giants and of course they blew it.