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Julian Edelman Arrest Details Include Groping Woman At Nightclub

Julian Edelman was arraigned on charges of indecent assault and battery on a woman after an alleged incident at a nightclub Tuesday morning. Edelman was set free Tuesday morning and ordered to stay away from the nightclub and the alleged victim.

The Boston Globe has the police report that says Edelman "reached under" a woman's costume at the nightclub and "grabbed her vagina" in front of a male witness.

The male witness told police he watched as the alleged victim's face changed into "an expression of shock" at the time of the reported sexual assault.

Both the witness and the alleged victim demanded Edelman be kicked out of the club immediately, the report states. That witness and the alleged victim were booted first, police report, after that "witness" threatened to beat up Edelman. 

Edelman was kicked out of the nightclub and denied the allegations to the police, according to the Globe.

SB Nation Boston and Pats Pulpit are covering the allegations against Edelman.