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How Did Mark Brunell Lose $50 Million?

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Mark Brunell is a recognizable name by any NFL fans having been in the league since 1993 and gone to two AFC Championship games. He's a backup with the New York Jets now and throughout the course of his career has collected $50 million.

Brunell is also broke. When he retires from the league, which will be after this season, he'll be moving onto a 9-to-5 job working as a medical sales representative. 

Action News in Jacksonville has the details on how Brunell went through a reported $50 million.

According to court filings, Brunell sank his fortune into nine businesses and enterprises, five of which are no longer in operation. Brunell is now the focus of no less than six lawsuits.

Among the biggest financial losers was a company called Champion LLC, which purchased high-end investment properties. But when the real estate market crashed, Brunell lost every cent of his investment and even more trying to cover the loans with his own money.

So basically he would've been better off putting all of his money under his mattress.

A lot of people have lost money over the last few years but not many have had their struggles documented like Brunell. $50 million is a ridiculous amount of money to lose and it's quite the fall for Brunell who now turns into a regular working stiff like the rest of us.