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VIDEO: Jonathan Baldwin's Catch Of The Year Doesn't Count

Jonathan Baldwin just made the catch of the year (so far). The Chiefs wide receiver made a circus grab, catching the football -- and Broncos safety Brian Dawkins. Honestly, it doesn't matter that a Denver penalty wiped out the catch. You want to watch this.

This is one of those Madden-Glitch receptions that needs to be seen to believed. Here's the video of the highlight catch before it gets sent to NFL Films to be set to terrific cello music.

Kissing Suzy Kolber's Mike Tunison said it best: "This Jonathan Baldwin catch won't be on the stat sheet, so we're gonna have to build a statue for it or something."

Still, the Chiefs trail the Broncos 10-0 at halftime -- and Denver has not completed a single pass in four attempts.

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