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NFL Power Rankings Week 11: Packers, Niners, And North Divisions Dominate Top 10

We all know who the No. 1 team in our Week 11 NFL power rankings is going to be. But how does the rest of the top 10 behind the Packers shake out?

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The top of SB Nation's Week 12 NFL power rankings looks the same as it did last week with the Green Bay Packers at No. 1 followed by the San Francisco 49ers. Really, though, there's a significant gap between the Packers and everyone else.

The AFC North has three teams in the top 10 while the NFC North has two (and a third at No. 11), so those are your most dominant divisions at the moment.

Here's how the full power rankings shake out for Week 12:

1. Green Bay Packers (9-0, LW: 1): Aaron Rodgers isn't just having a great season. He's on pace for a historically great season, maybe the greatest ever. A perfect season in Green Bay would fit in nicely with that.

2. San Francisco 49ers (8-1, LW: 2): I keep coming back to this point: San Francisco is an overtime loss away from being undefeated.

3. New Orleans Saints (7-3, LW: 4): The Saints are pulling away in the NFC South and last week's overtime victory was a big step in securing the division title. I think they can do it down the stretch.

4. Houston Texans (7-3, LW: 5): Unfortunately, I'm not sure if Houston will stay in the top five following Matt Schaub's possible season-ending injury.

5. Baltimore Ravens (6-3, LW: 3): They get the nod over Pittsburgh, despite the loss, because they swept the Steelers this season. But losing to Seattle is such an uncharacteristic game for the Ravens.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3, LW: 9): Looking at the schedules, I'm thinking Pittsburgh is the favorite to win the AFC North. They play the Chiefs, the Browns twice and the Rams down the stretch.

7. New England Patriots (6-3, LW: 10): One game up in the AFC East through 10 weeks. It's looking like a familiar refrain in that division.

8. Chicago Bears (6-3, LW: 13): The Bears defense is playing at another level right now and that was clear when they whooped up on the Lions. They won't catch Green Bay but they can secure a wildcard spot.

9. Cincinnati Bengals (6-3, LW: 7): Even with the loss, Cincy showed they can compete with Pittsburgh. That's a great, great sign for this team.

10. New York Giants (6-3, LW: 8): The Giants NFC East lead is down to one game. Still, Eli Manning is playing well enough this year that they have to be considered the favorites right now.

11. Detroit Lions (6-3, LW: 6): Are the wheels starting to fall off in Detroit? They're 1-3 since starting 5-0. Hopefully they find their rhythm before Thanksgiving day against the Packers.

12. Dallas Cowboys (5-4, LW: 16): The Cowboys are knocking on the Giants door in that division. We know they have the talent to go on a run. It's just a matter of doing it consistently.

13. New York Jets (5-4, LW: 11): First, the Jets lose to the Patriots, and a share of the AFC East lead. Then Rex Ryan curses at a fan. That's a lot to handle on a short week.

14. Buffalo Bills (5-4, LW: 12): Losers of three of their last four and four of their last six, the Bills are starting to get written off by most people. Beat the Dolphins then they have a huge divisional game against Buffalo on Thanksgiving weekend.

15. Atlanta Falcons (5-4, LW: 14): Tough loss to the Saints in overtime but they've won three of their last four. With home games coming up against the Titans and Vikings, they should make it five of six.

16. Oakland Raiders (5-4, LW: 18): It's still hard to get a read on the Raiders. We know what they do and they can do it well, it's just a matter of getting consistent play from the quarterback. If they get that....this is probably your favorite in the AFC West.

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-5, LW: 15): When you've lost three in a row, and you were just blown out, the worst news you can hear is that you have to travel to Green Bay.

18. San Diego Chargers (4-5, LW: 17): Most inconsistent team in the league? They should be winning this division and I have a feeling they'll make it rough on Oakland in the final weeks.

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19. Tennessee Titans (5-4, LW: 21): For the most part, they beat the teams they should and lose to the teams they should. Easy enough, huh? I see probably four more losses on their schedule, if not more.

20. Denver Broncos (4-5, LW: 23): Well, that's 3-1 under Tim Tebow this season. How long can it last? As long as they keep winning. One of the most surprising parts of this week is that Denver is only a game back in the AFC West.

21. Kansas City Chiefs (4-5, LW: 19): The Chiefs had won four in a row, tied for first in the division, and faced home games against Miami and Denver -- and they lost them both. That tells you where this team is right now.

22. Philadelphia Eagles (3-6, LW: 20): I said last week they needed to go 7-1 down the stretch. So far, 0-1.

23. Washington Redskins (3-6, LW: 21): So the Redskins start 3-1, giving the fans hope this season, and then go on to lose five in a row.

24. Seattle Seahawks (3-6, LW: 29): So this team has beaten the Giants and Ravens? And also scored three points agains the Browns? We really don't know anything about the Seahawks.

25. Arizona Cardinals (3-6, LW: 28): So you spend all this money on Kevin Kolb and he starts the season 1-6. Backup John Skelton comes in and wins two in a row. Quarterback controversy?

26. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-6, LW: 25): This year is about making Blaine Gabbert comfortable. Stringing together some wins to end the season would go a long way to helping him.

27. Cleveland Browns (3-6, LW: 24): It has to be frustrating for Browns fans to look over in the division at the Bengals and see them putting together a franchise turnaround in just one season.

28. Carolina Panthers (2-7, LW: 26): Cam Newton's stats look good and he's saying all the right things but the Panthers just aren't winning. That's OK, for this year at least.

29. St. Louis Rams (2-7, LW: 31): So the Rams are a Patrick Peterson punt return away from putting three wins together. With games coming up against Seattle and Arizona, they can add to their win total.

30. Minnesota Vikings (2-7, LW: 27): The Vikings, like eery other team, were torched by the Packers. The good news is that Christian Ponder doesn't look like a bust.

31. Miami Dolphins (2-7, LW: 30): I'm sorry, Miami fans. I know I should move you higher after two straight but I just can't do it. Not yet, at least.

32. Indianapolis Colts (0-10, LW: 32): It's incredible the fall this team has taken. The biggest upset this season would be if Indy didn't have the first pick in the draft.