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DeSean Jackson On Suspension: 'I've Never Seen Coach Reid Do Anything Like That'

Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson missed a team meeting last week because, as he says, his alarm clock didn't go off. He showed up about 25 minutes late to the meeting, he told Michael Irvin in an NFL Network interview, and was initially told he wouldn't start the game against the Arizona Cardinals last week as punishment.

But head coach Andy Reid later determined that Jackson needed to think about things and decided to suspend him for the game. 

Jackson talked with Irvin about the situation and, while he took responsibility for being late, he did say something curious about Reid's decision to suspend him for a game.

"Honestly, I've never seen Coach Reid do anything like that," Jackson said. "I've never seen him bench anyone for missing a meeting."

That's probably not going to sit very well with Andy Reid. 

Jackson's been in the news this year because he's seeking a new contract. There have been reports that his desire for a new deal has affected the chemistry in the locker room, which makes you wonder if Reid's discipline was somehow related to that.

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