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VIDEO: DeSean Jackson Taunts New York Giants Assistant

DeSean Jackson is in the midst of one heck of an interesting game as the Philadelphia Eagles take on the New York Giants. The temperamental Eagles wide receiver went down with an injury early, only to return from the locker room after passing his concussion tests. Perhaps energized by a clean bill of health, he proceeded to take one of the more ridiculous taunting penalties you'll see.

After hauling in a 50-yard pass -- one that would've had an illegal hands to the face by the defense tacked on -- Jackson decided a Giants assistant just needed to be taunted. So he flipped the ball at the assistant, then backpedaled onto the field while brushing himself off along the way.

Side note: the reaction of the assistant is pretty priceless. He's a football coach, but looks scared to death of the ball coming at him.

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