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Brett Favre Discussed On SportsCenter As Possible Option For Bears

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On Monday morning, in the wake of an injury that may keep Bears quarterback Jay Cutler off the field for the rest of the season, SportsCenter's Hannah Storm asked Rachel Nichols the following:

Meanwhile there is a name being floated about, and i know that you miss talking about him, as you have so much during the course of your career, we have to ask you -- Brett Favre, same agent as Cutler ... Realistically, is there any chance of that happening?

Nichols responded with, "no, no, no," but maybe she was wrong because journalists are sometimes wrong. I would like to offer supplemental analysis on this important development:


  • Gee. Boy oh boy. Do you think it might be true?
  • Wouldn't it be great if it were true?
  • Wouldn't it be great to see Brett Favre trot out there and give it one more go, for old time's sake?
  • Say, Bears. Finding yourself in a tough division? Stuck in the middle of the pack? If you sign a certain legendary quarterback, your fortunes have nowhere to go but North...
  • Hey, Bears, ready to "slice and dice" the competition? Think you've lost your Cutler-y? Think again! Grab your Favre-k and knife and dig right in!
  • Chicago, are you ready to Bear witness to a legend?
  • Hey, Bears. Isn't it time to put the Win back in Windy City?
  • You know, Chicago, if your free agency decisions miss again, they might just shove you into Lake Michigan.
  • Ha. I knew the ol' Gunslinger couldn't stay retired forever.
  • Ha. You know, you can take the Gunslinger out of football, but you can't take football out of the Gunslinger.
  • Ha. Gee whiz...
  • Ha. Boy. I knew he'd be back. I just knew it.
  • What do the Bears need to do to find their next NFL legend? Well, they could pay a ton, they could do a lot of Butkussing, they could let front offices around the NFL play them like a Piccolo... or they could go with option number Favre.
  • "Favre" rhymes with "four," which was (and is!) Brett's uniform number. That's great. Do you think that that's great? I do.
  • Sure would be a treat to see him go out there and just really just go out there and give 'em all they got and show 'em what he's made of and just, you know, just... boy, just scrambling in the pocket, winning any way he knows how, showing those kids what's what, and just going out there and just really takin' it to them and standin' 'em up and knockin' 'em down and just climbing into the trenches and givin' em all they can handle.
  • Boy oh boy.
  • Sounds like Soldier Field is missing a general. Say, that gives me an idea...
  • Good ol' Brett Favre.
  • Good ol' the Gunslinger.
  • The Bears are up against some pretty stiff competition these days.
  • It's time that Chicagoans take pride in Ursidae again. C'mon, Bears, do the right thing and sign a grizzled veteran who can get the job done.
  • Some might say that signing Favre would only be a brown-nosing move, just to panda to their fans. Well, in this league you have to Koal-out to get your team back into the black.
  • I sure would like to see Brett Favre play quarterback for the Chicago Bears.
  • Have you heard the latest rumors? Do you think that they might be true?
  • I think that they might be true.