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Rex Ryan Fined $75,000 For Cursing At Fan In Patriots-Jets Game

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan was fined for cursing at a fan during the New England Patriots game in Week 10, according to Mike Freeman of

Ryan was caught on video, which was uploaded to YouTube by a fan, cursing at who was apparently a Patriots fan. The fan said something to the effect of, "Hey Rex, Bill Belichick is better than you," as the Jets head coach was walking through the tunnel into the locker room. Ryan responded, "Shut the f--k up!" The video clearly caught the exchange between the two.

Here's video of the incident.

It was believed Ryan could be facing a six-figure fine because this is the second time he's been caught in the act in a situation like this. A couple years ago, Ryan was pictured flipping off a Dolphins fan at an MMA event and had a few choice words for them. For that, he was fined $50,000.

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