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Waiver Wire Order On Kyle Orton And Teams That Could Be Interested

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The Denver Broncos sent Kyle Orton packing on Tuesday which has set off a firestorm of speculation as to which team will claim him off the waiver wire. Each team will have a shot at issuing a claim on him -- the order is from worst record to best record -- before Wednesday's 4:00 p.m. (ET) deadline.

Via Pro Football Talk, here's the waiver wire order right now: (1) Colts; (2) Panthers; (3) Rams; (4) Vikings; (5) Cardinals; (6) Redskins; (7) Jaguars; (8) Dolphins; (9) Chiefs; (10) Browns; (11) Eagles; (12) Chargers; (13) Seahawks; (14) Buccaneers; (15) Titans; (16) Bills; (17) Jets; (18) Broncos; (19) Giants; (20) Raider; (21) Bengals; (22) Cowboys; (23) Falcons; (24) Saints; (25) Texans; (26) Ravens; (27) Steelers; (28) Patriots; (29) Lions; (30) Bears; (31) 49ers; and (32) Packers.

Obviously the Bears, with Jay Cutler's injury, will be interested. But they're all the way down at the 30th spot on the waiver wire so if anyone puts a claim in on him, the Bears will likely be out.

Among the teams near the top we could see issue a claim are the Redskins, Dolphins and Chiefs. Washington in particular is an interesting candidate. Mike Shanahan is the head coach and his former quarterback is John Elway, who nows runs the Broncos. It makes you wonder if Elway released Orton now knowing that someone, perhaps his old coach, would claim him. 

The Texans are another team raised as a possibility but they just signed Kellen Clemens and there's not much cap room for Orton so they're no longer a candidate.

The process ends at 4:00 p.m. (ET) on Wednesday when we'll find out where Orton goes next.