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Kyle Orton Claimed By Kansas City Chiefs Off Waiver Wire

The Kyle Orton sweepstakes are now over. According to ESPN, the Kansas City Chiefs have claimed Orton off the waiver wire. The Chiefs had the ninth priority in the waiver wire, ahead of a team like the Bears, who were rumored to be interested in Orton.


Orton initially requested his release from the Bears after Jay Cutler was injured. Reports say he preferred to land in Chicago and ESPN has previously reported that Orton may not report if the Chiefs claimed him so this story may not be over.


Orton's next destination has been a subject of speculation in the NFL world for the last 24 hours since the Broncos announced his release. All veterans released after the NFL trade deadline are subject to the waiver wire so every team -- from worst to best record -- had a shot at claiming him. So teams like the Redskins and Dolphins were thrown around as possibilities.

The Broncos, who released him on Tuesday, had clearly moved on from the Orton era. Tim Tebow took over the starting duties and the Broncos have won four out of their last five under him, bringing them to within one game of the AFC West lead.

Orton was the Bears fourth round pick in the 2005 NFL draft. He stayed in Chicago for four years before joining Josh McDaniels in Denver as the starter for two and a half seasons.