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Dallas And Chicago Also Put In Claims For Kyle Orton

The Kansas City Chiefs won the Kyle Orton sweepstakes, putting in the winning waiver claim for the former Broncos’ quarterback. Two other teams put in claims for Orton, but were further down the priority list than Kansas City with their 4-6 record. Chicago put in a claim, as expected. More surprising was that the Dallas Cowboys also put in a claim for Orton.

With injured quarterbacks, Orton made sense for both the Chiefs and the Bears. Dallas, on the other hand, has a healthy Tony Romo leading the way. Romo’s backup is veteran Jon Kitna.

Orton might have usurped Kitna as a backup, but some speculated that Dallas’ claim for Orton was done with an eye toward the NFC playoff race. Andrew Brandt from the National Football Post insinuated as much on Twitter when the news broke.

Sense Cowboys were willing to spend $2.6 million — Orton’s remaining 2011 salary — to block Bears from having him for playoff chase.

Regardless, Orton will play for the Chiefs now, and will face his former team in week 17.