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VIDEO: Shane Lechler 80-Yard Punt Puts Him In The Record Book

Oakland Raiders punter Shane Lechler set a new franchise record with an 80-yard punt today. Lechler’s punt came in the second quarter after the Raiders offense produced another three-and-out against the Chicago Bears. Lechler broke the franchise’s previous record of 77 yards held by Wayne Crow, who set it in 1961.

Check out the video of Lechler’s amazing punt right here.

Of course, the only downside to a punt of that magnitude was that it gave the Bears a touchback. Chicago drove to the Raiders’ 35-yard line and kicked a field goal. That cut the Raiders lead to 18-15.

Oakland’s special teams are playing a big role in this game. Kicker Sebastian Janikowski has done all of the scoring for Oakland, booting six field goals, including a 47-yarder. Janikowski set a record of his own today. His six field goals are a new franchise record for the most in a single game.