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VIDEO: Caleb Hanie's Intentional Grounding Penalty Ends Bears Hopes

Caleb Hanie had a complete brain fart at exactly the wrong moment. All he had to do was spike the ball to stop the clock as the Chicago Bears tried to drive for the win in the waning seconds of their matchup with the Oakland Raiders. But he got caught in between spiking the ball and entertaining the idea of firing it out to a wide receiver, creating a hilarious situaiton.

The end result was a 10-second run-off on an intentional grounding call, which ended the game. Hanie took the snap with six seconds to go, and the Bears may not have been set before the ball was put into play anyway. Still, the "oh no, what do I do" look Hanie has as he realizes he needs to do something with the ball is great. And because he triple-clutched a spike, he was called for intentional grounding.

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