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Jaguars To Be Sold But Remain In Jacksonville, According To Report

ESPN reports the Jaguars are being sold though it's unclear to whom. They are expected to remain in Jacksonville, according to the report.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are set to be sold, according to a report from ESPN's Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen. There's no word on how much of the team will be sold -- a minority or majority share -- or who's buying it but the ESPN report states that they are set to remain in Jacksonville. There's been plenty of speculation over the last year or so that Jacksonville could be the Los Angeles franchise but apparently that's not happening.

Rumors were making the rounds earlier this month that Fred Smith, CEO of FedEx, was prepared to buy a minority share of the team and planned to buy a majority share when Weaver retired. The Jags denied those rumors to our Jaguars blog, Big Cat Country, at the time.

This continues a busy, busy day for the Jaguars who also fired head coach Jack Del Rio and extended the contract of GM Gene Smith for three years on Tuesday.

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