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Jaguars GM Gene Smith Gets Three-Year Contract Extension

The Jacksonville Jaguars have handed a contract extension to General Manager Gene Smith.

It's been a bit of a busy day for the Jacksonville Jaguars, as they have proceeded to make all of the headlines in the NFL on Tuesday. Following news that Head Coach Jack Del Rio had been fired and further news that the Jaguars would be sold and stay in Jacksonville, news has also emerged that team General Manager Gene Smith will be given a contract extension.

Chris Mortenson of ESPN passed along the news via his twitter feed that Smith would be handed a three-year extension. Smith has been an employee of the Jacksonville Jaguars since 1994, when he was hired as a college scout. He became the Jaguars' GM in 2009, and the team has had limited success during his tenure. However, the firing of Del Rio suggests that those in charge feel coaching is much more to blame for the team's 3-8 record than front office personnel decisions.

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