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Who Is Shahid Khan, The Jaguars New Owner?

The NFL's newest owner is Shahid Khan, who is in the process of purchasing the Jacksonville Jaguars for a reported sale price of $760 million. We know he has a terrific mustache. But who is Shahid Khan?

To start: Wayne Weaver, who is selling the Jaguars, said on Tuesday, "This gentleman is absolutely the American story."

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Khan is a Pakistani-born businessman from Illinois, who has made his fortune as the owner of automobile parts manufacturer Flex-N-Gate Corp.

His story is impressive. Khan worked for Flex-N-Gate in college at the University of Illinois before starting his own company, Bumper Works, after graduating in 1978. Two years later he bought Flex-N-Gate, folding in his own company.

That entrepreneurial spirit will come in handy as Khan assumes control of a franchise that is always linked to Los Angeles and relocation because of poor ticket sales.

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