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VIDEO: Terrell Suggs Is Straight Out Of 'Ball So Hard University'

We've seen just about every player introduction imaginable on Sunday Night Football, but Terrell Suggs might have pulled off the best. It was simple in its execution, yet delightfully delivered. Suggs, looking intimidating as ever, said just five words, but those words have blown up Twitter for much of the night.

"Sizzle. Ball So Hard University."

Via @MattyRey

Of course, it helped that Suggs picked off a Ben Roethlisberger pass in the third quarter in beastly fashion. If a player is going to proclaim he's from Ball So Hard University, he'd better ball so hard in crunch time. And Suggs, or Sizzle, backed up the talk and has been taking care of business.

Someone get Ball So Hard University printed on a t-shirt.

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