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The Animated GIFs Of November, As Documented In Football's Internet Chatroom

We're dedicating November's list of animated GIFs entirely to football, the sport everyone loves except for the people who play it. And to better understand these men, we take a look at Football Guys, the unofficial chat room of football.


For the first time in 13 years, the world of football spent a November without having to compete for attention with NBA games. Our nation's exhausted slam dunk supply was forcibly supplemented with guys making amazing end zone grabs, guys screaming cusses on national television, and fabulously inept punting. As it turns out, these were perfectly adequate substitutes.

Join me, then, as we count down the 15 greatest animated football GIFs of November, 2011. The theme for this month's list is FOOTBALL GUYS, a chatroom-style spinoff of The Dugout (which Brandon Stroud continues to expertly document over at With Leather).

The following chat room conversations are 100 percent factual, and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is a liar.

Some quick thanks, before we proceed: many of these GIFs come by way of @bubbaprog, @cjzero, and the Something Awful forums. Be sure to check them out. (I tried to credit every GIF as best I could. If you see an unattributed GIF and know who made it, please let me know.)


Introduction | GIFs 15 through 11 | GIFs 10 through 6 | GIFs 5 through 1

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