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Donovan McNabb Said To Be Out Of Shape

Just how much can Donovan McNabb help a team desperate for a quarterback? That remains to be seen, but if one report is accurate, McNabb’s impact may be limited by his physical condition. Tom Pelissero of ESPN radio in the Twin Cities notes that McNabb is not in the best of shape.

McNabb was out of shape when he showed up and fell even more out of shape once he got benched. All a matter of who’s desperate enough.
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McNabb has had to defend accusations about his work ethic in the past. He figures to again tonight when he makes a 6 p.m. appearance on ESPN.

Many assume that McNabb will land with the Chicago Bears, searching for a quarterback with Jay Cutler’s status for the season in doubt. McNabb’s experience in Andy Reid’s West Coast Offense, and Leslie Frazier’s version of it in Minnesota, might not be a natural translation to the system Mike Martz uses in Chicago, as mentioned previously.

On his way out of the Vikings locker room, McNabb stopped to get an autograph from running back Adrian Peterson.